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MAKEUP and Hair SERVICE CONTRACT THIS MAKEUP/HAIR SERVICE CONTRACT is made and entered into as of by and between Bride whose address is and LA Wedding Hair and Makeup Artist whose business address is undisclosed until contract has been signed and completed. In consideration of the mutual covenants herein contained and intending to be legally bound hereby the Client and the Makeup Artist / Hair Stylist agree as follows 1 Makeup Artist s obligation to give services hereunder is subject to the...
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Hey guys welcome back to my channel today we are going to do a so door is it really an episode for ya that's it for wow we're really trekking along okay so of my makeup artist series so wanted to concentrate today quickly on like kind of the business aspects of it a little bit I mean I could go into like a really long video of it but I just want to touch on the important things that you really should be aware of when you are starting your own business as a freelance makeup artist so I'm going to concentrate a lot on contracts and tell you how I keep up with like expenses and all that kind of stuff so the first thing you want to do when you are building your business is to get a tax ID number like or an EIN number and that's really easy to do you can do it on online just Google um you know your state website for how to do that but you do want to make sure you get that so that's the very first thing I recommend doing once you've like figured out a name get a logo get some business cards you know it doesn't have to be anything hugely fancy you just do what you're comfortable with my company name is project face I think I mentioned this before I don't want to I don't want it to be makeup by Mandy or anything like that because one day I mean it would be really nice to have people working for me um and you never know and I don't want to leave them out I don't want it to be like who makeup my mini when really they're doing just as much work as I'll be doing so I just didn't want to do that I just want to start off with a completely neutral name and so I chose project face I did a logo actually my husband did a logo and if you can see right here so it's got the P and Ed for project face and then it's got the makeup brush in the middle of it and then the F is like a turquoise II teal color so he did that for me I really like it and so I had this on top of all of its kind of like my letterhead it's on obviously it's on my business card it's on top of all my documents that I have related to project face so if someone calls me or emails me and says I'm interested in why work okay which is what I've these are all parietal contracts I have the event contracts they're exactly the same thing they're just worded a little bit differently so we're just going to concentrate on Bridal but know that it covers all bases and they say you know I'm interested in booking you for my wedding can you let me know your availability your prices stuff like that so I have kind of like a stock email that I'll respond I tell them all my prices I tell them my different services and I also tell them that in order to secure their date I must have a signed contract and a deposit so that's what the contract comes in I got my contract you can most definitely do your own contract get on your word processor type something out yourself that's fine I found ed C and I searched a makeup artist freelance makeup artist contracts and this it's called freelance templates is the name of the company...